Product Description: 
Make outdoor play more exciting for your kids with Kid Country Toys swing sets. Constructed right here in West Virginia, our outdoor play equipment sets us aside from your usual toy stores. Our swing sets include enough activities to keep kids busy, entertained and active all season long. 

Outdoor Playset Includes:
Each swing set includes a variation of different parts and is constructed to your preference. All outdoor play equipment is made of pressure treated pine and has routered edges and stained with a water sealant. Solid oak dowels are also stained and used for ladder rungs and the top swing bar. The tarp is awning quality for extra durability against fading and tearing. The knotted rope and climbing net are made from a soft nylon, making it easy to grasp. Commercial grade swings and extra components are also included within the listing price. 

Absolutely NONE required. We do all the work for you! This includes delivery and installation! We also have a complete instruction manual for you "Do It Yourselfer's".

Setup Instructions:
  1. You choose the swing set and the components acquired by your taste
  2. Pick a delivery day that fits your schedule and
  3. Purchaser must be present when we install your equipment

- Simple is our motto! - 

Material, Care and Warranty Information: 
We recommend all purchasers to apply a water seal treatment every 2 years to help protect the wood from natural damages. A 2 year limited time warranty applies to all plastic, vinyl, and extra components. A 10 year limited warranty applies to all wooden components and is given to the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover abuse, vandalism, acts of god or normal weathering of the equipment. 

All Outdoor equipment conform to the CPSC & ASTM safety requirements.

 Do you have any questions about our outdoor play equipment? 
Please feel free to call us at 304-342-8697

To help you make the best choice in choosing your swing set, 
we encourage you to visit our Kid Country Toy stores 
where you and your kids can see our display swing sets. 

Free Installtion and Delivery 
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