Our Toy Story

Kid Country Toys previously known as Toy Magic was started 
by Robert Long in 1962. Jerry Strick, the current owner, 
purchased the store in 1979 and officially changed the name in 1984 
to Kid Country Toys.
Our first mall store was opened in 1991, 
in Charleston, WV, located in the Charleston Town Center Mall. 
Several years later we opened the Huntington Mall Store, located in 
Barboursville, WV.
Various express stores can be 
found throughout the state of West Virginia in the months October - December. 

Kid Country Toys is the oldest and largest specialty toy store in the

state of West Virginia.


Only at Kid Country Toys you can find the most unique toys at a reasonable price as well as great employee hospitality.


An essential part of any visit to West Virginia,

children and adults continue to stop by and

experience the magic of this legendary toy store.